If you didn't know this already:
Monsters do exist. And I’m one of them.

I go by the name Dave Strider. I know, right? That’s a pretty plain name for someone who’s claiming to be a monster. Now I know what you must be thinking. Am I calling myself a monster in a metaphorical sense, or am I truly a mythical being? Well, if you guessed the latter, you would be correct. I am, in fact, the real fucking deal.

What am I, you ask? Take a guess. Red eyes, pale skin, a thirst for blood. Yeah, you've guessed right.

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Sometimes, things might get a bit messy. Sure you can handle somethin’ like that?
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Blame the Ghost: How Dave Ended Up in Underland

If Dave could blame all of his life’s problems on those floating bastards, then he would. In a heartbeat. They constantly cost him trouble in school, outside of school, basically in every corner of his life. Okay, maybe not every corner, but it sure as fuck felt like it. The guy can’t go one day without one of those assholes bothering him about something. And it was all because he was a vampire. 

This night started like any other. He was on his way to school, alone. He usually walked with John, Rose, and Jade, but for different reasons, he ended up by himself. Not that he really cared, but because he sensed the ghosts coming towards him, he wished he had some back-up.

"Hey Strider!" one of them yelled. Dave used his better judgement and ignored him. But that didn’t really work. "Strider! You shit-face, I know you heard me!" Oh my fuck, what do these cunts want? He knew they wouldn’t go away unless he said something to them, so he replied.

"Yeah, Stone. What do you want?" Ryan Stone. He was the head-fucktard of the ghosts. So in other words, he’s the most popular boy in school. *Dave casually rolls his eyes at the thought*

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A bit of a bite. (Dave and Mally)


Speed was something any warrior needed, especially when thrown into a new body. Mally was wandering around the Tea Party. Hatter and the Hare were with the children over at Marmoreal presently, but Mally felt the need to watch over the Tea Party. People weren’t really one to just happen upon the tea party anymore. Marmoreal became a much more wished for area since the Red Queen took back half of Underland. The sounds of footsteps were vacant much of the time, but in that precise moment, they were clear to the human-dormouse’s ears. “Who’s there? You can act like you ain’t there, but my hearin’s much too good to believe that.”


"Okay… What the fuck just happened…"

How the hell Dave had gotten himself into this situation was beyond his comprehension. Actually, he knew; he just couldn’t believe how this situation came to be. One minute he’s jumping off a cliff into the sea (do notask), the next thing he knew, he was being sucked into some sort of whirlpool, and ends up here. “Where is ‘here’ exactly?” Only one way to find out.

The only way to find answers is to search for them. So, Dave started searching. And what he found was starting to creep him out a bit. Being a vampire, he was used to dark, damp places that would make normal humans piss their pants. But this place, it just seemed off. It was like the color had been sucked dry, and all there was left was darkness. Thankfully his creature-of-the-night eyes made it easy for him to see. He kept walking, but stopped wen he sensed something ahead. It seemed human, for the most part, but he wasn’t sure. 

 Who’s there? You can act like you ain’t there, but my hearin’s much too good to believe that.

Shit. It’s not that he was trying to be stealthy, but he did hope that whoever he sensed wouldn’t know he was there. “No use in hiding.” Dave then made his way over to the voice he just heard. 

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When the Day met the Night [Jade and Dave]


She couldn’t help but let out a small laugh when his stomach grumbled, she didn’t mean to, but she did find it pretty coincidental. “If you say so~” Jade casually closed up her sketchbook, pushing it to the end of the table. She then grasped her teacup once again, pulling it to her lips. “Water and fruit juices are free, though.” She said, before taking another sip of her tea. 

"I’ve been here about a year." She responded. She shook her head at the second question, although she should honestly have nodded. “Maybe once or twice… But it always seemed pointless after awhile. Eventually I just started…." She closed her eyes, almost laughing at herself for how it must have sounded; “I just tried to figure out what’s going on here…" She really didn’t talk about her attempts at learning what was going on here with many people, having a concern as to whether or not someone might be the cause of everyone’s memory loss and if the king or queen had some type of scheme behind their reasoning, but for some strange reason the space player could not fathom, she felt almost at ease around this strange boy. As if she knew him somewhere. His figure itself seemed familiar to her as well, as if she saw it recently. 


Jade hardly took notice of his shades being moved, until she looked back at his eyes at the last moment. She could swear she saw what appeared to be ruby colored eyes. She certainly would have found that odd, if not for the fact that she highly enjoyed the shade of rubies. She did not say anything, however, considering that to be rude. 

“My name’s Dave, by the way.” 

The space witch smiled, extending a hand out to him as a proper greeting. “I’m Jade!” She stated proudly. “Jade Harley, to be more precise! Nice to meet ya, Dave!” Dave, the name seemed familiar. She felt like she knew a Dave once, but the memory was blurred. Still locked in the part of her mind wiped before she even entered The Imperial. Locked away by a certain woman with long horns. 

Dave smiled when he heard the girl laugh quietly. He must have seemed like quite an idiot to her, but for some reason, he didn’t seem to care. Something about this girl make him feel at ease, like he’s known her his whole life. But that wasn’t possible. He just met the girl, and she didn’t seem to know who the hell he is. Hell, she barely knew who she was. 

“I’m Jade! Jade Harley, to be more precise! Nice to meet ya, Dave!”

He reached his hand out as a way to shake her hand. He felt that would be the polite thing to do. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Ms. Harley.” His southern accent could be heard as he spoke. He doesn’t usually act so politely (at least, he think he doesn’t), but he didn’t want the girl to think he was some sort of bum. He already looked a mess, he didn’t want to behave that way too.

"So, you’ve tried to escape, huh?" He chuckled softly. "Well, this place really is weird. I’m surprised more people haven’t tried to." Unless they have, and either gave up like Jade, succeeded, or just simply disappeared. "So you really think the King and Queen are up to something?" He looked at her curiously. 

When the Day met the Night [Jade and Dave]


“Most people don’t seem to. From what I’ve gathered, it’s hidden from the sight of most people until they need to see it. A few guardsmen even say that the King and Queen make their assorted collector houses viewable to save others from their predicaments.” Jade took another sip of her tea, watching the blonde sit down. She smiled back at him when he smiled at her, but her lips were hidden by her cup. As she placed her cup down, she couldn’t help but continuously glance up at his eyes- well, more precisely, his shades. They just felt all too familiar to her. Like she stared into them before. But it just seems as if it was so long ago, and yet a hallucination she had a while back did some to mind, perhaps he was the boy the hallucination showed. 

“I was…” She found herself staring at the symbol on his shirt. She felt she had recognized it from somewhere, but she could not pinpoint exactly where. “As lost as everyone else, I mean… But I’ve been here about a year so…. I guess a bit has come back…”  


“Manhandled by a bear, huh?” She could not help but giggle at that. “Well, at least you seem to have made it out of whatever it was in one piece!” She smiled as she shrugged her shoulders. “You hungry? This place has an excellent quantity of baked goods! And lots of drinks if you’re thirsty!”

When she asked him if he were thirsty, he was going to reply with a no. Besides, he had no money, and didn’t want the girl to think that she had to buy him food. That’s so not cool, man. Having a chick you just met buy you dinner. Lame fuck. Just when he was going to reply, his stomach decided to grumble. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink from embarrassment. “I, uh… Yeah, I’m okay…” 

That was a really bad lie. 

He quickly tried to get the subject changed. “So, uh, how long have you been here anyway? Have you ever tried to leave?” He just noticed. Now that he was closer to her, he could see her features better. Her long black hair, and green eyes seemed to fucking familiar to him. This was gonna be one of those things that nagged his mind until he figured it out. 


Without really realizing it, he slipped off his shades to rub his eyes. He was tired, hungry, he felt like shit. He then quickly put his shades back over his eyes, and looked at the girl across from him. “My name’s Dave, by the way.” He was honestly surprised that he even remembered that much. 

When the Day met the Night [Jade and Dave]


The brunette kept her smile as he spoke. He had a hint of a Texan accent that just sounded all too familiar to the Harley lass. She really was not sure why, which only bothered her, but she also knew that no matter how much it bothered her, nothing about the fact would change. Her soft emerald eyes glanced over his clothes. She noticed the gear symbol on his shirt in a pure pale red. Jade lowered her head in an attempt to hide the sliver of a laugh she let out when he finished talking. She didn’t mean it in a rude way, which is why she bothered hiding it at all, it was only because she herself really had not heard others cuss before since she had been here. It was actually quite refreshing to hear!

Jade looked back up at him before she opened her mouth to speak, her eyes staring into his dark shades. “Well,” she started, the ‘e’ sound being prolonged a bit longer than she really needed it to be. “Getting lost when you wake up here is sorta a normal thing!” Jade’s slender fingers wrapped around the handle of her cup of tea, her gaze never leaving the blonde’s shades. “Memory loss is, too, apparently! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who’s arrived here without losing their memories…” Jade broke her eye contact with the pale boy’s shades, turning back in her seat as she lifted the teacup from its place. Her smile had fallen and turned into a frown at the thought. losing memories was something many people did find depressing, after all. She brought the cup to her lips, taking a quick sip. She slowly set it back down, then, placing the ceramic cup back on its dark plate. She turned back over to the blonde, smiling once again.

“As for the place, well… I don’t know the actual name, but everyone I’ve seen just calls it the Imperial. I don’t even know if anyone knows it’s exact location on the world map!”


Jade rose her hand and gestured towards the seat in front of her. It was her own way of offering for him to sit down without voicing it so he might not feel as inclined. “And it’s not a bother at all! But uh…” Jade hand the oddest of urges come over her, and her hand reached out, gently pulling at the long maroon cape the boy was wearing. It had a few tears here and there, as did the rest of his clothes, and it just seemed like the oddest of things. “Isn’t it a little bit warm to be wearing all that clothing? It looks like you have at least two shirts on, those pants seem pretty thick, and this cape can’t be cool! Despite how cool it might look.” Jade released the cape from her fingers, letting it fall back by the male’s side. She gave him free reign to sit or just continue to stand if he wished. The way his outfit looked did seem to remind her of something she had seen, and she believed it may have been from her time in the Imperial, but perhaps more than that.

A few more questions danced through the witch’s mind. After a little bit of time had passed, she decided to let one main question of hers out. “Uh…. Your clothes are pretty torn up, too… Were you in a fight or something?”

Dave thought over what the girl told him. The Imperial? That’s a pretty fucking weird name. And a but creepy. “The name of this place is the Imperial? Never even heard of it…” He noticed her gesture for him to sit down, and took the invitation. He gave her a small smile as thanks before sitting down in the seat across from her. He thought about the information, how mostly everyone forgets their memories when they arrive here. “So I’m not the only one that’s forgotten? Does that mean…” He wants to ask if she has no memories either, but doesn’t know if that would be rude or not. But he asks her anyway.

"Do you remember anything? Or are you just as lost as everyone else?" He looks down at his clothes, and it finally hits him that it’s really warm outside. He tugs at his shirt collar, the heat getting to him. "Yeah, my clothes… I guess you have a point. But I don’t have anything else to wear, so I have to just deal with it." Her last question stumped him. Was he in some sort of fight? He can’t remember anything. If he was, that might explain his loss of memory. "Honestly, I have no fucking clue. When I woke up, I was already looking this shitty. I look and feel like I was just manhandled by a fucking bear." 

When the Day met the Night [Jade and Dave]


Jade tried to keep her attention away from the blonde male. His attire seemed a bit strange to her; Almost familiar, like she had seen them somewhere before. As she tried to recall where she could have possibly seen such clothing, her head suddenly started to hurt. She placed her thumb and index finger on her forehead, messaging carefully. She pulled her hand away once she felt less pained.

When the witch looked back up, she realized the blonde was walking closer to her. As he inched nearer to her, she was able to see more of his features, such as his sunglasses were even darker than she originally thought. She did wonder how he saw out of those. She also noticed his entire outfit seemed to consist of red and a dark burgundy cape. He was fairly tall, and very pale. 

Jade forced herself to look back down at her notebook. Being caught staring at someone was not really something someone attempting to appear normal should do, after all.

Her animal senses started kicking in, and she could tell he was walking towards her.


She glanced up as he came closer to her. Once her eyes met his shades, she smiled. “Hello,” she started, adjusting her glasses with her free hand. “Can I help you at all?” 

The closer Dave got to the girl, the better he could see of her features. Her eyes are what he first noticed. They were a beautiful shade of green, something he swears he’s seen before. What was it about this girl what was driving him so insane? Does he know her, perhaps? He still hasn’t recovered his memories, so that could very well be a possibility. Maybe he’s just seen her before in passing; perhaps walked by her in the streets, or seen her somewhere else. Maybe he’s seen a picture of her somewhere. She was a gorgeous woman; perhaps a model? Dave shook his head, displacing the thought from his mind. What the hell would a model be doing in a deserted place like this?

As he moved closer, he suddenly felt awkward about his appearance. The clothes that he wore weren’t exactly normal. A question that burned in his mind was what the hell he was doing before he ended up here. Cosplaying? Dave didn’t think that he was really they type of guy that would dress up as someone else for entertainment. Besides, the idea of it didn’t really seem cool. His ‘outfit’, if that’s what you want to call it, was a complete mess. It was torn in different places and filthy. Great, she’ll probably think i’m some beggar or something. He tried his best to fix himself up as he made his way over to her.

The girl looked up and saw him walking over to her. For a second he contemplated just forgetting the whole thing and just walking away. But his feet kept him moving towards her. Jesus fuck, Strider. Just be cool. You’re not asking the girl out on a fucking date, dammit. When he reached her table, she spoke.

"Hello. Can I help you at all?"

Like a complete dork, Dave stood there and just smiled. He adjusted his shades a bit then cleared his throat. “U-Um…” He started. “I don’t mean to bother you, but I was wondering if you could help me.” he paused for a second, then continued. “Ya see, I’m kinda lost here, and I honestly have no fucking clue as to where I am. I don’t even know how I got here, and I can’t remember a damn thing.” He stopped talking, hoping his foul language didn’t turn her away. “Could you maybe tell me where I am?” 

Of Space and Time: When the Day met the Night [Jade and Dave]


Jade walked over to the window of the room she was currently set to stay in, sighing as she looked out the opening. She had been cramped up in the adequate area for two days. She really had no reason to. She could have left at any time she wanted, really. Even she did not quite understand why she…

Dave continued to explore his surroundings, hoping that he would see something that would trigger his memories. It was strange. He suddenly couldn’t remember anything. His mind was completely blank; not even a small fraction of his memories remained. He walked past a shop window, and stopped to look at his reflection. “What’s with these clothes?” He began asking himself several questions. First of all, where was he? Why is he wearing such awkward clothing? And why the hell did his body ache so fucking much? “Was I jumped or something? Fuck, man. What is going on?” He looked around, not seeing many people. He wanted to go and talk to someone and ask them some questions, but he felt a little awkward doing that. “They’ll probably think I’m insane or something.” He sighed, and kept walking.

He walked further into the little “town,” and saw a sign for a coffee shop. The moment he saw it, his stomach began to grumble. “I am hungry…” He checked his pockets and frowned.

No money.

"Shit. Of-fucking-course." His stomach made more noises in protest, but all he could do was place his hand over it, hoping that it would magically make it stop grumbling. He walked closer to the shop, the smells drawing him in. He happened to glance around the place, and noticed that it seemed pretty empty. 


He glanced outside and saw a girl sitting alone at one of the tables. She had long black hair, tan skin and wore glasses. Dave stood there and watched the girl for a moment. Something about her seemed really, really familiar. As he walked closer to her, the familiar feeling only grew. He stopped staring, starting to feel like a creep. “I guess I can ask her…” Dave then hesitantly made his way over to the girl, hoping she could help him with his dilemma.